Trimensional is the world’s first 3D scanner for iPhone.  This is the Trimensional blog where Trimensional’s developer, Grant Schindler, will provide information and updates about this exciting new app.

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  1. tim says:

    cool stuff.

    could this be used to create instant 3d models of folks body for clothes fitting sites like zafu.com?

    i know the zafu guys if so.

    • Thanks, Tim. In its current form a whole body scan is not possible with Trimensional, but that sounds like a great application for the future. Fitting hats and glasses might make sense, though.

  2. Just wanted to say, once again, your stuff is awesome.
    (I’m the Comic guy from Startup Riot)

    I’m excited to see your next projects :).

    -Yehuda ‘Pocket’ Silbermintz

    p.s. do you have an active twitter?

    • Thanks, it was great talking to you last week and best of luck with Comic Colony. In addition to @trimensional, my personal twitter account is @phlosoft — it’s been inactive for awhile (years, in fact) but that may change 🙂

  3. Edé says:

    Well, meaybe great stuff – but not working on my GS3 after I bought it iTunes. So, when will you make it go work on the elder iPhones (which have the same OS as the 4-type)?


    • Hi Edé,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. Since a front-facing camera is required for this scanning technique to work (using light from the screen itself), there is currently no way to make it run on a 3GS, regardless of OS version. Normally, you can’t even purchase it from a 3GS for this reason, but when purchasing through iTunes, Apple doesn’t put restrictions on such things, so I tried to make this clear in the product description as well.
      I think your best options are to try to take it up through Apple’s official channels or to maybe, in a few months, upgrade to an iPhone 5 if and when such a thing is available 🙂 I really hope you get to try it out eventually, and let me know if I can do anything else to remedy your situation.

  4. ondrej stefik says:

    hi Grant,

    i am astonished by your work, that is truly fantastic. i wish you all the best with the development and also with commercial sucess of your work. Some others are also trying, have you seen this ? : http://www.iface3d.net/iFace3D/
    these guys boast lies. however, what you do about it ? they price their facescanner over 100eur, and thats still nothing, because even then one has to pay hundreds or even thousands dollars monthly if one wanted to use it on daily basis. they ask for 2000 monthly were one to have unlimited scanning account. check it here: http://www.iscan3d.com/iScan3D/iScan3D/pricing.html
    cant you somehow do what they claim to be able to do with their iface3D with your algorithm ? or is it different algorithm ? like yours is reflected light/surface normals caalculation, and theirs is some pattern recognition thing ? i wish you can top these guys. good luck and all the best !!!


    • Thanks for the links, I’ll be very curious to try out their face scanning app. Their multi-view approach is definitely using a completely different algorithm, and it looks like their other software sends the images to a server to do the processing, so the iPhone is more like a thin client and it takes several minutes to get the result back. The multi-view reconstruction approach can definitely be more accurate, but not as fast and interactive as the method in Trimensional. I’m very interested to see where it goes! Thanks again!

  5. Jake Hempson says:

    Hi Grant
    I am a digital artist and FYI I will be citing your development of Trimentional for my section of my masters exegesis on the availiblity (proliferation) of photogrammetry data section. I am mainly investigating how one as a practice led digital artist re-interprets mesh data and re-explore the forms generated.

    And keep up the good work of making this sort of data availible to the normal people out there – a fun app

    • Hi Jake,
      I just checked out your website and your work looks amazing. Thanks for citing Trimensional (note the ‘s’ rather than ‘t’ in the middle there 🙂 ) in your work. Glad to hear you’re having fun, and if you create anything interesting with the app, I’d love to hear about it.

  6. Joe Hudy says:

    have you thought about taking 4 3d images and then combining them soo you can have a 3d image that is all the way around? for example: take picture of the front of my face then the right side of my head then the back then the left side of my head and take all of thous 3d images and combine them?

  7. Florian says:

    Hello Grant,

    can I get in contact with you via email please? Thanks,