Introducing 3D Laser Engraved Crystal to Trimensional

Trimensional: 3D Crystal Engraving

We are pleased to announce that you can now order physical manifestations of your Trimensional scans in the form of laser engraved 3D crystal blocks. These things are truly amazing, they make great gifts, and they really need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

The 3D laser engravings are made possible through our partnership with the great folks at Crystal Memories in Sweden. After getting in touch with us earlier this year, they sent a sample 3D engraved crystal block (pictured above, right) and it really blew us away. Showing it off to friends and family, reactions ranged from “Is that a hologram?!” to “Wow, how is that even possible?”

Well, it’s simple: take a 3D scan with your iPhone or iPad using Trimensional, pass the resulting 3D model on to Crystal Memories, and let their combination of experts and machines do the rest. All the details are right here: Crystal 3D Laser Engraving with Trimensional.

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