Trimensional is #1 in Norway

One of the most surprising things about the iOS App Store is its truly international nature, with presence in over 90 countries. This means that there are actually 90 different app stores, each with their own rankings, reviews, ratings and prices that are not usually seen by those from other countries.

Currently, Trimensional occupies the top spot in Norway’s App Store (for paid apps across all categories), ahead of popular titles like Angry Birds, Myst, and Tetris. This is surely temporary and only in one corner of the globe, but a nice milestone nonetheless. Back to work.

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3 Responses to Trimensional is #1 in Norway

  1. Leela says:

    Congratulations for the success in the E.U. Hopefully the rest of the world will catch on soon.

  2. vannho says:

    Hey guys from trimensional

    I just reset my ipad to originals settings & I can’t restore my in-app purchase to export 3d models, could please help me? I got the purchase receipt from itunes. txs

    • (Note: Though this was resolved many months ago, I’m reposting this reply publicly so that others can find it online.)

      The solution is actually to act as if you are repurchasing the upgrade option — as long as you are on the same iTunes account, it will know that you have already purchased the upgrade and will not charge you again — you will get a pop-up message letting you know that this is the case. I can confirm that this has worked for myself and for other customers.