Version 1.01 on the Way

Thanks to everyone for downloading Trimensional and for all the feedback and feature requests. The first update, which awaits approval from Apple, addresses a synchronization issue between the camera and the screen that was causing some scans (especially the first scan after launching the app) to sometimes turn out badly.

So, better scans are on the way. Thanks for sticking with me and thanks again for all the support.

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25 Responses to Version 1.01 on the Way

  1. Sevensheaven says:

    Very interesting app, well done. Does it or will it support export to popular 3D formats, such as Obj and 3ds? That would make this app very useful for 3D creators.

    • Thanks! Exporting to 3D formats is planned as an in-app purchase for a few extra bucks in the near future. The thinking is: $1 for entertainment, $5 for a potentially useful tool.

  2. Teo says:


    Can u save the mesh? If not, add this feature and u’ll have more buyers(me at least 🙂 )!

  3. James says:

    It would be cool to have a countdown timer so that you have time to move fingers and steady everything before the photos are taken.

  4. Congrats with an outstanding cool app. Really clever way of capturing in 3d. Maybe I do some experiments on my own in this field. Keep up the good work.

    Grant: Are you on twitter?

  5. Pasquale says:

    snap, it would be tight if it could output a mesh to mess around with in 3d applications. Like an OBJ or FBX

  6. Steve says:

    It would be great (and pretty smart marketing) if your $1 version added the option to export an avatar-sized animated GIF file.

  7. Luca says:

    Will be possible to use an old iPhone (3rd Generation) using an external light ?

    • The external light source would need to move to 4 different positions in synchronization with the camera while you yourself hold perfectly still, so I don’t see this as a practical possibility right now.

  8. Steve says:

    Very cool app! But how do you show the five other 3D views? I can only find the basic one.

    • When viewing a scan, touch the bottom-left “action” button. Underneath “Email Image” and “Save to Camera Roll” you’ll see the third button “Toggle Render Options”. This puts two buttons on screen that let you choose the type of coloring (Textured, Gray) and geometry (Points, Polygons, Wireframe) of the displayed model. Sorry I made it hard to find 🙂

  9. miguel says:

    i just figured of a feature it would be great if the picture could rotate on a gif file becuase sometimes it kind of sucks having to take on picture out of the whole animation becuase sometimes you just want the whole thing =]

  10. nick says:

    would be super sweet to be able to export either with a transparent background or to be able to overlay the wireframe on the textured version.

  11. paul b jones says:

    Love the app, actually do love this app! a comment and suggestion.
    Comment: a couple of other 3D scanners us talcum powder or something on the object to take the shine off, and this improves the scan.
    Suggestion: a delay between pressing the button and starting the scan so that I can close my eyes or turn the camera around, maybe a beep at the start and end too.

  12. Leela says:

    This is incredible, congrats on all the success!

  13. Michael McDaniel says:

    Thanks, Grant, and I hope you continue to develop this app. Especially for iOS 5 and the iPad landscape mode.